Friday, August 3, 2007

Too Hot

Wouldn't you know that we'd do our shopping on the hottest day of the year!!! Wow! it's hot!! We got a high reading today of 114.3 degrees. It was 113 while we were unloading the car and my face was beet red when we finally finished getting everything out of the car and into the house. Our car overheated coming up out of the canyon too but we were pretty weighted down with cat food, cat litter, a month's worth of sodas along with everything else we bought. Plus I think it might be low on oil. The last time it overheated, it was low on oil and was fine from them on once I put oil in the poor thing. It would be so much easier to make a quick trip twice a month instead of only once. But that takes more gas and it's more wear and tear on my car. So we suffer and do it only once. They'd said on the news last night that it would be cooler for the next few days but I guess the meteorologist forgot to tell God or something because we're quite a bit hotter than we were yesterday. So much for a cool down. Let me tell you, 114 is hot, hot, hot!!! My face is still red and we've been home for 2 hours. I stuck my head under the faucet at the sink and just let the cold water run over my head, then left it to air dry, hoping to cool me down a little bit. I can't say I enjoyed the trip at all today. Usually there's something that will kind of redeem our shopping days, but not today. It was hot and dry going over and hotter and drier coming back. Thank goodness we had turned on the cooler before we left this morning. The only good thing I can say is I received an email from Georgia while we were gone and when I read it after getting back, the temp back near Atlanta was only 85 degrees today but the humidity was sitting at 90%. I would die. I would literally shrivel up and die with that kind of humidity. That's not livable in my books.

I filled my hummingbird feeder before we left and you can already tell they've be drinking it. They're making a dent, fast. I picked up some more nectar for them but I had to get a liquid concentrate (that I've never used before) because they were out of the boxed dry packets. Hopefully this will hold us for the next month. We stopped at my sister's house between WalMart and Cost Less and she must have had a dozen hummers out feeding on her deck. She has two feeders but they were all regulating themselves into a holding pattern around one of the feeders and no one was at the other feeder. I suggested she might have an "airlock" in that feeder and we walked outside and sure enough the bottom reservoir was full of trapped air. There were hummers at both feeder when we left her house. We couldn't stay long because we'd left Pepper in the house.

I bought a carwashing brush today so washing my car tomorrow morning won't be quite as much work. This is the kind that has a long handle that can telescope out to be even longer (which is probably longer than I need) and you can screw the hose onto the end of the handle. I don't think I'll use it that way. I'll just dip it in the bucket and wash the car and then spray it off with the hose. We have a valve on the end of our hose that allows us to turn the water on and off. Conserves water that way. I'd go out and wash my car now to cool off but I'm afraid it's just too hot to even try that. I'll wait until in the morning.

We're just going to have sandwiches for dinner. It's too hot to cook and too hot to eat hot food so we both decided a cold sandwich would work best for us. It makes for very little clean-up too. I usually only run my dishwasher 2 or 3 times a week. Probably closer to 2 than 3. That saves water, soap, and electricity. Of course we can do that because there's only the two of us. If we still had a family at home I'm sure it would be a daily chore.

I saw Janet Evanovich's latest book is out in hardback. Nineteen dollars and something!!! No way will I pay that much for a book of fiction. As much as I love her sense of humor (if I were a guy I'd be head over heels in love with the protagonist) and always think that Sandra Bullock would make a terrific Stephanie Plum. I've read all of her books about Stephanie. They're great! Best comedy writer I know.

Well, this isn't much of a post but I wanted to write something. I'm going to go make my sandwich and sit in front of the fan to eat it and see if I can cool off. I'm sitting here in a shower of sweat! We'll probably have another hot night. I can't believe as hot as it is that it will cool down very rapidly. I need... well, I don't know what I need. I got interrupted and lost my train of thought. Oh I know, I need to got put some clothes in the dryer too. So I'll write again on Monday, back to my usual schedule of noon; Monday through Friday. Thanks for reading. Hope it's cool where you live. Ugh! I hate to sweat. It's one of the ickiest feeling in the world.

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