Sunday, May 30, 2010

We've Been Scammed

What a mess! Someone lifted my Debit Card and used it to drain my checking account and causing my bank to charge me overdraft fees on top of all my money the thief stole. Before it was all over I had to borrow to settle in the black with my bank. I have to say that I feel I was victimized by the thief and then victimized again by my own bank. This was ridiculous and it's still not settled. I'm awaiting a form to fill out (when it finally gets here) and then I will return it to them on the same day, and then hopefully I'll have all this money put back into my account within 2 business days of their receipt of the form. Did I say that right? Hopefully you'll know what I mean if I didn't say it the way it should have been said. This has been such a nightmare for me. I simply do not have extra funds laying around. I am on a very low fixed income and there's rarely anything left over at the end of the month. The bank sent me an email informing me that I was overdrawn and I immediately rushed down there to find out the problem. That's when we discovered the bogus charges to my debit card. And my local bank did absolutely nothing to help me out with this problem other than giving me the corporate number to call and they said they'd send out the form immediately. That was almost a week ago and still no form! Of course happening over the holiday only complicates matters. I can't believe my bank couldn't have held the overdraft fees in a "pending" situation until the fraud was investigated and settled. I don't like having to borrow money for my own bank fees. That's ridiculous. Has anyone out there had this problem or anyone know of anyone whose debit card was used fraudulently and been shafted by their local bank? My account is so messed up right now that I don't know which end it up. All I know is the money I had to borrow is in the bank rather than being in my hands! This world is full of dishonest people. I expect that. But I also expect my bank to handle things better. To be a little more helpful toward a customer. Making me borrow to pay the bank fees (or risk getting charged for every day my account is in arrears) is not the way to treat a fraud victim and a good customer. I've never had an overdraft before on my account, in all these years. And everyone I've talked with about this, totally agrees with me. One friend checked with her bank to see how they would have handled the situation if it had been her and was told that as soon as they are informed of fraudulent actions regarding debit cards, they immediately "pend" the amount of the fraud and all bank fees. Guess who's seriously thinking about changing banks!! Okay settle down, girl.

I was hoping to purchase the fabric I need for my other sister's placemats for Christmas this coming week when we drive across the river to do our shopping. But with my money and bank mess still hovering overhead (if it's not settled by then and it probably won't be) I won't have the money freed to pay for the fabric I planned to buy. I've already gotten 6 placemats sewn for my oldest sister. I have one more to sew up as a sample for me to put in next year's fair and then I'm out of fabric if I don't buy the fabric as originally planned. I will hopefully figure something out when my monthly allotment comes in. I'd hate to make two trips across the river this month if it can be avoided. Enough on this. I've tried to be a bit vague (seems you can't trust anyone these days) and I've probably succeeded in only making no sense at all. Forgive me.

I finally finished my green socks. Yippee!! And as I've said, I have 6 placemats sewn for my older sister's Christmas present and it isn't even June. I feel good about that. Still need to purchase the fabric for both sister's aprons (and BJ's placemats) and then I'll be done with their gifts. But that will also mean I have nothing to sew if I don't pick up more fabric.

Thank goodness I have my vest to work on. (I started this vest over a year ago and I'm just now getting back around to it.) I finished off the rest of the back I needed to do and then I've got the front knit almost to the armholes (going bottom up). So I'm making progress. I will need to pick up stitches around the armholes and neck and knit 6 rows allowing the work to roll. That will give my vest its finished look. I'm not too good at picking up stitches but I bet I improve greatly before this vest is finished. I will be glad to get it finished. Then I will work on the baby afghan I started and never finished. (I'm definitely in the mood to finish abandoned projects.) If you remember (and if I told you) my projects got hi-jacked when I decided to knit a pair of socks and ended up knitting 8 pairs!! But now I'm tired of socks and I'm ready to knit other things for awhile. I still have the yarn for projects I haven't even started yet. So it's not like I'll run out of things to do if I can't buy my fabric when I want next week. It's just that I had my plans all made out and I didn't do anything wrong with my money to be in this mess. I was robbed!!! That's not my fault. And I'll tell you, when this is all over, there better not be any mention of an overdraft on my account or I definitely will change banks!

We had a few cold and rainy days last week. In fact we got an inch of rain Thurs. night and things were so sloppy we decided not to walk Fri. morning. But it has since warmed up and it's suddenly shorts weather again. I'm tired of the rain but I'm not looking forward to the heat of summer. I hate our hot summers. We get a few days close to 120 degrees in the summer and that's not fun for anyone. I get so grouchy and naggy. I'm a horrible person when the temp goes that high in July and August. Of course one year we hit those high records in late June so it may not be very far off in the future before I'll be praying for rain again. I do like being able to wear shorts and T-shirts again instead of having to bundle up in coats and scarves. And I like to go barefoot too.

I know this hasn't been much of a blog this time. (As if it ever is!!) But I will promise to try to do better with the next post. I've been promising myself that I would write to my sponsor child too and I keep putting that off. I really do need to get that done though. I shouldn't let it go so long between letters. She's a doll in India; a jewel in my crown. And I love her greatly. It's just that I've gotten behind. My computer doesn't have a printer so I have to borrow hubby's computer and printer and that is hard to do. He's usually busy on his computer. But I'll try my best to get some time in the next week or so to write that letter. I can definitely says my life hasn't been boring lately. Not with having so many projects to do and then having been robbed! You just never know what's going to happen in my life. Until next time...


Monday, May 24, 2010

Didn't I Just Write?

Seems like I just wrote on Friday or Saturday but there's nothing on my blog (that I can find) since Frog Jump. I know I wrote so where did it go? I even remember that I picked green for my color. Hmmmm. Something's fishy here. But I will write just a little of what I think I wrote so you can stay informed and I won't overburden you with a full repeat in the event that the mysterious blog (that I know I wrote) should suddenly appear out of thin air.

Let's see... I sewed more aprons (2 or 3) and one of these days I will master the art of sewing straight seams! Then Friday was the big day with my sewing. I took my sewing machine over to Kathleen's and she helped me make sense of the instructions and illustrations, and yippee! I made one of the placemats!!! It took me roughly 2.5 hours to make it. That's just about my limit of sewing per day. If I sew longer than that my back really acts up on me. Anyway, these placemats are going to look beautiful around my sister's table. These will be for my oldest sister. My other sister will get a set using the green fabrics I picked out when I picked out and bought these that I'm working on now. I was going to go ahead and buy the fabric for the green set at the same time but then I thought about the expense and I also questioned my ability to sew something so pretty and complicated looking. They really do look quite difficult to make. And they are so elegant looking. But the secret I'll take to my grave is that it was the easiest thing in the world to do. (Okay, almost that easy.) And now that I've made one I shouldn't have any problem making the rest of them. The pattern instructions even make sense to me now that Kathleen went over them with me. The only thing even somewhat difficult is paying attention to what step I'm doing and which fabric I'm using at any given time. (I alternate between the two.) My sisters will never guess that they were easy to make. They look so complicated and so beautiful. You just have to keep track of what step you're on. Last week I had used a ruler, cutting board, and rotary cutter to cut both fabrics into 2" strips and rectangles. And what you do is you sew a layer and press out the seam, then sew the next layer and press out the seam, and you do that until you use up all the fabric strips and rectangles for each placemat. Nothing hard about it. I think the most difficult part was cutting the fabric into all the little pieces. They look so elegant. I have the placemat I made Friday stashed away in the spare room and I keep going in there just to look at it. I just can't believe I sewed something that beautiful. Lots of nice clean, geometric shapes that are quilted as you sew on each layer and then when you've got it all put together, you do a little more quilting and then front and back both look beautiful.

Hubby's kids came up Friday and stayed until today. It was so nice of them to come since they came up to help hubby with a few chores that he can no longer do. Over the course of our marriage (38 years this year) Michael and I have done everything together. He did the most and then I was there to assist him and to fetch and carry for him. But now that he's just weeks away from being 79 he can't do many of the things we used to do together. We started out with him doing the heavy stuff. Then as he got older, I started doing more of the heavy stuff that he couldn't do (and I still could). But then a strange thing happened. I started getting older too. It's become very difficult for me to do what I used to be able to do. My mind still thinks I'm 30 but my body is screaming 63! How could I possibly have gotten that old all of a sudden? And the sad part for me is that I just started finding things more difficult. I've got a lot more deterioration to go!. Anyway John got my car fixed and he and Chris also worked on the fence that was sagging in the back yard. It was a fun weekend. They left this morning about 9:00 to return to their home in San Francisco. Hubby hasn't been sleeping well the past few days so he went back to bed after they left and slept for several hours. I crashed on the couch for about an hour myself. Then I remembered the apron I had cut out Thursday evening. So I got up and sewed it together. It looks pretty good. Don't know how I'll possibly make all those hot pads (pot holders) for each one. I'm thinking now that I might just give away the aprons without the hot pads. They are so hard to make and all that I've made so far are embarrassing. Not good at all. Granted the last 2 I did was a big improvement over those I did in the beginning. But I still don't feel that they are good enough to give away as a Christmas gift. And since my aprons and placemats, really all the sewing I am doing right now are for Christmas gifts. (Although I'm thinking that I have enough fabric left over to make myself 2 placemats.)

I finished my green socks on Saturday. Yea!!! Now all I have to do is seal the toes with the Kitchener stitch. Yes, that pain-in-the-rear Kitchener stitch. Don't know when I'll attempt that because I intend on working solely on these placemats until I have them done. And by then I will have gone shopping and purchased the fabric for the other placemats (the green ones) and more fabric for more aprons!!! I figure 4 more aprons and I will have enough. I want to make one for my blogging friend Ginny and surprise her with one in the mail. I figure any aprons I have left over after Christmas can either be stored and given away in the future as gifts of some kind, or I can keep a couple and take the rest down to church and donate them to the kitchen.

I guess this is going to be it for tonight. It is already after 1:00AM. Where did the time go? So, well, I'll post this and head on in to bed. I'd sure like to know what happened to the other blog I wrote. I know it was there. I saw it. I remember making it green. Am I losing my mind? No, I don't think I have enough mind left to lose. Until next time...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Frog Jump & County Fair Ribbons

The 2010 County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee has come to an end. It opened last Thursday, May 13 and ended yesterday at 8:00PM (I believe, not positive about the closing time). Kathleen and I attended on Friday and we gave a 2-hr knitting demonstration and then had the rest of the day to roam the exhibits and eat. I had entered 7 of my knitting projects and they all won ribbons. Two of them won 2 ribbons each (First prize and Best of Division). My burgundy shawl won 2nd Place, my mint Baby Afghan won 1st Prize and Best of Division, my white Baby Afghan won 3rd Place, my blue and green Baby Hat won 1st Prize, my grape Neck Ring won a 2nd Prize, my green Scarf won 3rd Place, and my lace Shawl with Wooden Beads won 1st and Best of Division. And that's really an accomplishment. I'm very proud of the ribbons I won as it reflects the hard work I put into my knitting. I love to knit but it is still work and it's nice to have that recognition. Along with the ribbons I won $10 for each Best of Division. So altogether I won 9 ribbons and $20. It's just a small county fair but it was fun.

My granddaughters happened upon the comedian, Larry the Cable Guy, walking through the crowd. Now mind you, this is a very small county fair in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains in the Gold Country of Northern California and for reasons probably known only to Larry, he pulled himself away from his television and Hollywood connections and came up to our Jumping Frog Jubilee. Now the really cool part of this story is that he's my grandson's favorite comedian and so my granddaughters yelled to him that their little brother is in the Air Force and would love to hear him say, "Git'er Done!" (If that doesn't make sense to you it's because you don't watch Larry's act on television.) He asked what their brother's name was and of course they yelled Michael. Then Larry said, "Michael, Git'er Done. I'm proud of ya!" And the really, really cool part of this story is that Kayla, my youngest granddaughter, had her video camera with her and caught it all on tape. Then they submitted it to You Tube and emailed the website address to Mikey so he could watch it. I talked to him on MSN later the next day and asked him what he thought and he said it was awesome. It is untitled on You Tube but I'll give you the addy in case you want to see it: cTAxY-4qXc. Now hopefully that will get you into the very quick video. It's only a matter of a few seconds long so you've got to be quick. You can hear Jamie, my oldest granddaughter, yell that her little brother's in the Air Force and then go from there. It is only a very few seconds and you can't google or search for it. You have to go in by address to access it. Anyway I think that's just about the coolest thing they could have done for Mikey.

Kathleen and I went back to the fairgrounds today to pick up our entries and bring them home. She won 25 ribbons a gift basket and $65 on baked entries. It rained today on us a little bit but nothing worth noting really. On the way out of Angels Camp we stopped at the Country Cloth and I bought some flannel to go between the front and back of the placemats I'm making my sister for Christmas. They are going to be so pretty! The pattern is just wonderful and I picked out some really nice fabric for them. The focus fabric (the center and corners) is a pretty bed of roses (upclose) and the accent fabric is a pretty mauve pattern. They look great together. I'm planning to use the same pattern to make my other sister a set of placemats only hers are going to be with green fabrics. I'm also in the process of making aprons and pot holders for all the female family members who are on my Christmas list. I've got most of those made except for the pot holders. I will work on them this week. Friday I will take my sewing machine over to Kathleen's house and she will show me how to sew together all the pieces of each placemat. Keep your fingers crossed that this doesn't prove too complicated for me, the novice seamstress. I've only been sewing a couple weeks. But my aprons are coming out so professional looking that I'm hoping I can do the placemats too. If not, I've wasted a lot of money buying and cutting up fabric.

I am continuing with my daily study of the book Know the Words of Jesus in 30 Days. I started the study on the 1st of May and I've read and studied a chapter a day. There are 30 chapters in the book so I should finish it up on the 30th of this month. It's been an interesting study. I hadn't realized Jesus had so much to say in the Bible. I mean, I've read the Bible and have read everything He said, but taking it by itself and going over it all it seems like there's so much that is new to me even though I know that I've read it all before. But then that's why the Bible is called the Living Word; because it just keeps seeming new to you almost every time you read it. And God keeps teaching you new things out of it. There are parts of the Bible that I've read dozens of times and still it seems fresh and new to me. There's always something new to learn. A new insight. A new understanding. And that's why I love the Bible so much. I could study the Bible 24 hours a day for the rest of my life and it would never get old to me. There would always be something new to learn.

I plan to attempt a pot holder (or hot pad) tomorrow and I hope to have better luck with it than I had with the last ones I made. I just really have to pay attention and think things through before I sew. The hardest part is the binding around the edges. And it's especially difficult because I'm sewing it blind. I sew on the front side and I can't see what it's doing on the back until I've already sewn it and and can turn it over. Wish me luck.

I have my knitting group again tomorrow night. That's always fun every week. We're making helmet liners out of 100% wool for the Marines in Afghanistan. I guess I should say, others are making liners. I made one. Others are making several each. I've been working on my green socks and since I'm not knitting all day, every day the way I used to it's taking me longer to knit them. But these socks have been the socks from hell. They have so many mistakes in them and you know what. I don't even care. They're for me and I don't care if they've got mistakes. I just want to get them done. I've knitted and ripped out so many times that I'm to the point where I just want to be done with them. My next pair of socks will be without mistakes. I will care with them.

Well, this is going to be it for this time. I know my blog is boring but it's all I have to write about. My grandson, Michael, is getting all A's in his schooling at Goodfellows Air Force Base in Texas. He's studying to be a firefighter. He says the physical aspect of it is difficult but the rest is mostly just memorization and he's doing great on it. I sure hope he passes his schooling. He is due to be stationed in Alaska after he finishes his training in August. But he'll be coming home on leave before going to Alaska. It will be so good to see him and hug him again. I haven't seen him or hugged him since February 15th. He did so good in Basic. He graduated with honors. Of course, if you've been keeping up with this blog you already know that. Okay this is it for now. Stay close to the Lord and remember that He died so that we might live forever. That makes me tingle all over when I think about living forever. That when I die and leave this life, I will just instantly and effortlessly slip into eternal life. No that's not it. I already have eternal life. I will never die. I will someday shed this human flesh the way a snake sheds it's skin, but I, all that makes me me, will never die. There won't be so much as a momentary blip. A blink of the eye. A snap of the fingers. I will just keep on living. I will be in a new form but I will be alive and I will be me. Isn't that a marvelous hope we have. And this hope is an assured, a guaranteed, future. And I have the Holy Spirit living in me as that guarantee. And I know the Holy Spirit lives in me because I can feel Him. I don't need to take anyone's word for it. I feel Him living in me. What a great God we have. Go in the assurance of His love and the faithfulness of His promise.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Blog Problem

Can anyone help me? I have a problem with my blog comments. The type doesn't come through on my comments. All I get are little blue boxes. Sometimes there are a few words before it goes to little blue boxes. I would love to be able to read your comments but I can't. Surely someone knows how to correct this problem. Please. Send me an email at: and help me solve this mystery that's driving me crazy. Thanks so much!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

The following is the congregational prayer I gave at church this morning, May 9th:

We come before You today, Lord just as we are with all out faults, shortcomings and sins. We always desire to come before You in righteousness this morning but we are bankrupt in our righteousness department. We fully recognize that any righteousness we may have is not of ourselves, it is Christ's. We calm all our worries and come settle ourselves before You this morning bathed in Christ's holiness, Christ's righteousness. We need only to calm ourselves and be thankful for Your provisions to enter into Your very throne room. We have so much to be thankful for, Lord. We thank You for making it possible for the unclean to stand before You, clean. For making us acceptable in Your sight. We thank You for Your care and keeping. We thank You for Your love and forgiveness. And with grateful hearts we ask for You to continually forgive us because we are always falling short on our end no matter how hard we try. Thank you for making us clean and holy. And than You for loving us.

We praise You, Father, for all that You are and we love You with renewed hearts and minds. You are everything we need, Lord. Your holiness and majesty dwarf that of our own and because of that we thank You. All that we strive to be -- You already are. Your glory shines forth into this world; a beacon of light in the darkness where we stumble and fall. Help us to remember that You always give us everything we need. You are everything we need. If we have nothing less than Your love and kindness it will be abundantly enough.

Open our eyes, Lord, so that we might see more of You and grown in our love and faith in You. Our faith seems so scrawny, Lord. Sometimes we muster everything we are and have and we know it's not enough, not really. You deserve so much more and yet, with grace, You accept us as if we were Christ Himself. Oh, Lord, we have so much to be thankful for! Make us fully aware of this incredible gift You've given us in Christ.

Be with us this day. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit and make us sensitive to the fact that He is always with us. Through turmoil and pain, through failures and short comings, through doubts and through frailties, He is always here.

Bless all the mothers today, Lord, on this special day set aside to recognize them. You hold them in the palm of You hand every day and You pour out Your blessings upon them. In awe we affirm that You saw fit to bless the entire world through just on mother so many years ago. It is with a submissive faith like hers that we pray before You today.



It rained this afternoon after we planted the Portulaca in the deck railing planters. Small, green, immature little plants that will grow and produce a showplace of colorful blossoms to attract the bees and hummingbirds. I took a very nice nap this afternoon on the couch. (I figured I could do that since it is after all Mothers' Day.) The rain woke me up once and I got up and walked to the door to look out and see. Rainwater was pouring off the roof and it was raining hard. Then I went back to my couch and fell asleep again.

My son and daughter-in-law came over and brought me a nice present. Ken also fixed my computer problem I woke up to today. I couldn't send. I don't know what the problem was. It worked just as I went to bed last night but when I got up this morning it wouldn't send. Hubby could send and both of us could receive. I was the only one who couldn't send. It took him about 8 minutes and everything worked fine. I don't know what he did. I don't understand computers. He does.

My friend Kathleen and I are planning to walk tomorrow morning and Tuesday morning. But we might need to cancel tomorrow's plans as it may be raining in the morning. Tuesday is not threatened but tomorrow is. There are so many things going on this next week that I may not be able to get in my walk every day. We'll just have to wait and see.

Nothing else to really report. I just thought you might enjoy the prayer I gave this morning. I'm asked to give the congregational prayer about every 3 months. And I get so nervous!! I didn't do a very good job of writing it but it was the best I could do. I waited until yesterday to write it so I didn't have the opportunity to mull it over for a few days and edit it or change it making it sound more fluid here and there.

Until next time...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The First Week of May

My how time keeps marching by. Grandson Michael graduated BMT with honors and has been at Goodfellow AFB in Texas at school for the past 3 weeks learning to become a firefighter. The physical training is hard, he says. He's tall but thin. He is strong, though, I'll give him that. He's got a dorm mate that is messy though and it's driving him crazy and getting him in trouble for a messy dorm. Why is it the military always seems to punish the innocent along with the guilty? Michael graduated BMT with Dorm Excellence. They should look at his record and go from there. But that's not the military's way of doing things I guess.

I've taken up sewing believe it or not. I got a nice sewing machine for Christmas 3 or 4 years ago and I'd never taken it out of the box until a couple weeks ago when my friend, Kathleen, offered to help me learn how to sew. I have discovered that sewing is fun. So far all I've made are "shop" aprons and pot holders. I'm not too good on the pot holders though. Yesterday I made an apron out of blue lightweight denim and it looks very good. I'm proud of the worksmanship. I'm finally getting the hang in sewing straight lines. I've learned how to steer the material. But I just can't seem to make a decent hot pad. Thursday I made an apron for my grand daughter for Christmas and wanted to make two pot holders to go with it. I made one and it is so horrible looking that I took the other one I'd cut out and prepared (just needs the quilting and binding) and put it away to do later in the year when (hopefully) I'll be a better seamstress. Jamie's was black with hot pink pockets (her request). She heard I was making aprons and she sent me an email requesting that color combination for her apron if I were planning on making some as Christmas gifts. Sure can't sneak one over on her. My sisters are each going to get a set of 6 handmade placemats that I haven't even started yet.

Hubby has spent most of today out doing yard work. He's going to be really tired tonight! But it really looks nice where he's used the weedeater and raked. I helped him haul the leaves and clippings out to the burn pile. I had to run out to the store to pick up a couple things for dinner and I dropped by the nursery and bought a couple 6-packs of Portulaca to plant in the deck-rail planters tomorrow after church. I wanted to plant them today but I wanted hubby's help to plant them all and he's got to be too tired to do it today. So after church tomorrow will be fine. They are quite immature plants. Not a single flower on them yet. Portulaca tends to get a bit leggy as the summer progresses but we love it for the constant supply of flowers it produces. It makes the deck seems so colorful and pretty.

I really am walking again. Kathleen and I have been walking together on Tues. and Thurs. but we're going to change it to Mon., Weds., and Fri. next week to get in one more day. I set my alarm for 7:30 and head out to Kathleen's and that gives us an early start to our days. Then I've been walking my 30 minutes every evening for the days I don't walk with her. I'm also watching my fat grams, calories, and fiber intake along with the exercise. Maybe, just maybe I can lose a few pounds. Well quite a few, actually! I've put on so much in the last couple years. I'm able to wear the same clothes I wore last summer with the exception of my favorite cropped pants. Those just don't want to button around my waist. So I've not put on all that much weight over the winter but every little gain comes on for eternity unless I walk it off. I used to enjoy walking but I find it incredibly boring these days. My mornings with Kathleen aren't boring. I really enjoy those days. It's the walk around my neighborhood in the evenings that's as boring as all get out.

I recently bought a 500+ page book from Guideposts called Know the Words of Jesus in 30 Days and I've been reading through it. But truthfully, I've fallen a couple days behind. But each day is independent from all the other days and stands on its own so I can just pick up where I left off without loss of continuity. I bought a book last year from them called Know the Bible in 30 Days (same author) and I really enjoyed that one. And I was better last year. I didn't fall behind. I did my day each and every day. I'm going to try to do better. Anyway I really like the books. Last year's book just sort of walked me through each books of the Bible and this year's book is kind of doing the same thing with the sayings of Jesus. I like to read good books and it's really great when I can combine that with my love of the Lord. I love to study the Bible anyway. And I really like how this book is taking me through the sayings of Jesus, even the hard ones to understand. Maybe especially the hard ones to understand.

Kathleen, Kathy, and I took our fair entries to the fairgrounds on Weds. of this week. They both entered quilts. Kathleen also entered her placemats (like the ones I'm going to sew for my sisters for Christmas). They are very pretty and look incredibly difficult to do. But I will be determined. I entered 7 items. All knits. Speaking of knits, I've kind of fallen off my knitting. I decided that I had other things I wanted to do and not just sit and knit all day every day. That's where the sewing comes in. Don't get me wrong, I still knit, just not every waking moment. I have that compulsive personality anyway to where when I do something I do it with my whole soul and entire life. I'm now working to find a balance in my life. I'm working on a pair of green socks for myself right now. I have one sock finished and this last one is about 1/3 done. In fact I plan to knit after I finish this blog.

I truly wasn't spending much time with my hubby either when I was knitting like a woman possessed. I was always counting stitches and secretly wishing he'd quit talking to me so much and then I realized how lucky I am to have a man who wants to converse with me and I became ashamed and decided to take it a bit slower. Like I said, I need to find balance. I seem to have so many things going at once. I have all my church activities, knitting, sewing, walking, and reading. Now I am trying to assign time to my hubby. He likes to watch TV so I'm trying to put my stuff away for part of the time and watch with him. The only place I can see where I still fail is with the news. He can't live without the news and I get really, really bored with the news. So I try to do my knitting during those 2 hours the news is on and then put it away when the shows come on. I just want to be a better wife for my hubby and I'm working on that in small but hopefully productive ways.

I'm dying to have chickens. That's right. I want chickens. They made lovely pets and they produce eggs on top of that. I know I can't have chickens. But I still want to have them. And I wish we had a big garden too. Hubby planted our 3 tomato plants last week and we're hoping for more than the scarce handful we got last year. But there's no place to plant anything else. I'd love to have vegetables of all kinds. And fresh spices too. I had to spend $2.19 for a tiny package of basil when I went to the store earlier. I still have dry in my freezer from our garden we had before we moved here but it's just not the same as fresh basil. Maybe next year I can grow spices in some pots. I guess I could still do that this year if I put my mind to it. Ginny, my blogging friend has a wonderfully huge garden every year. I'm green with envy.

We went to the fabric store on our way back from the fairgrounds Wed. where I intended to purchase the fabric I needed to start on the placemats I intend to give for Christmas. Only thing was that their prices were out of this world. Ten dollars a yard!! Can you believe that? For just simple cotton cloth? I was figuring on maybe paying $5 a yard, but $10? No way. I can't afford that. So I'll need to make another trip to Walmart this month (next week hopefully) and get my fabric there. Of course, they may be high too for all I know. The last time I bought fabric it was only about $3 a yard. What happened? Which makes me think of Walmart's pricing. We went over on the first to do our monthly shopping and every single thing I bought was more expensive than it was last month. And I don't mean just a few pennies. The dog treats jumped from $2.97 to $4.00! The dry cat food went from $9.97 to $12.97. Has anyone else noticed this increase? I spent $95 when last month I spend about $70 for the same things. These are items I buy every month. I was honestly getting angry and the longer I shopped the angrier I got. And the price of gas? $3.12 a gallon. But speaking of prices. There is one medication that I have to have that costs $1627.50 a month! That's not a typo. That's the accurate price on 60 pills. That's a house payment! and maybe a car payment too!!! That's over $27 for every pill. No medication should cost that amount of money. Lucky for me I have insurance but I still have to pay $158 a month for those pills. I thank God that I don't have to pay the full amount because the $158 is a real burden for us. Well, I guess I'm through spouting off. I just get upset when things are so expensive and are going up all the time. Hubby and I are fixed income and we didn't even get a cost of living increase this year. And we won't next year either and maybe not even the next year. Our cost of living increases are going to help congress get a computer system that will determine how much increase they're going to get in payments each year. Something is sorely amiss here. Especially when you consider they retire on full benefits, full pay.

I plan to be better about blogging. Of course I always say that but I actually mean it this time. Of course I meant it last time too. But I do intend on writing more often even if this does happen to be the most boring blog on record. I'm going to shoot for weekly. But we'll need to wait and see how everything works out.

I'm going to make pasta salad for dinner tonight. I'll warm some sourdough bread to go with it and we'll have a great dinner. We want and need to have more salads in our diet. Wish we grew our own lettuce. I've subscribed to First Magazine for Women and it is jammed packed with recipes. In fact the latest issue has a centerspread showing 12 different salads. Each with it's own dressing so it won't be just Ranch on everything. Don't get me wrong, I really like Ranch. It's just that I like variety too. I plan to make every one of those salads, spread out of course. But they are all meant to be the entire meal and not just a side of salad.

Well, I guess this will be it for today. If you've just read this blog, I give you thanks (or should it be sympathy?) LOL. These are just the things on my mind. I'm 63 and retired and I don't have a very active life. We don't go places or do exciting things to write about. It's just my mundane life. The life I've been given and the life I try to live unto the Lord. He is my master and the love of my life. I hope He's yours too. Until next time...