Monday, August 6, 2007

Finally, a Cool Down

[If I've done things correctly, my lost blog (this one you're reading now) should publish onto my blogsite. Hopefully there won't be too much repeat information for you to wade through and thanks for sticking with me while I learn a few things with this program. We all have times when we're learning things. Thanks for your patience! It will be interesting to see if this will publish with it's original date and time or if it will post with its new date and time.]

The cooler air that was supposed to hit us on Friday finally got to us on Sunday. We dropped from a high of 113.4 on Saturday to 94.8 on Sunday. What a difference! It's a much desired temp change. It actually got a little bit nippy sometime during the wee hours of the morning and I had to pull up the spread to cover my shoulders. It was heaven!

I'm so proud of myself! I washed my car for the 4th weekend in a row. Wow! That's a major success on my daily/weekly chores. Having the brush was like heaven! I can't believe how much easier and faster it goes with the brush rather than just using a small towel to wash it. I was able to wash it in two scrubbings. First the top of the car to the bottom of the windows and then the lower part of the car from the windows down. Hardly took any time at all. I think it took me longer to dry the car with my chamois than it did to wash it. But it really looked good when I was finished. Several months ago I had purchased a pair of "boat" or "water" shoes for washing the car. They have a good sole on them and they are made to play with in the water so I wouldn't break my neck wearing thongs. You get a pair of thongs wet and your feet slide around on them and I've nearly twisted my ankle several times. And I can't go barefoot to wash the car because of the gravel. You can see I'd been thinking about washing my car on a regular basis for quite some time by the fact that I bought those shoes months ago. It just takes me a little time to get my act together.

The only housework I managed to do over the weekend was changing the linens on the bed yesterday and I ran the dishwasher Saturday night. I spent my time thinking, believe it or not. I came up with several things to write about for my blog. We don't go places and do interesting things like skatemama does, so I don't have a lot to write about in my blog. I love to read her blog. She loves the Lord and loves her family and it just makes me want to have a young family all over again. This time around I would enjoy every minute of it. I'd work less and play with my family more. But I guess in order to have anything to talk about in my blog, I'm going to have to write something like a devotional everyday. And I'm going to shorten my blog. I think I write too much and it would work out better if people didn't have to spend all that time reading my blog. Once I start posting pictures it will automatically shorten what I write. So that's what I plan to do. I need my readers to let me know what they think about this blog. Is it too long? Are my topics boring? Want less in the way of devotionals? Want more? I need your feedback. I want people to read my blog so I need to know what you'd like to see in it.

The neighbor's dog from next door is out running around and it's very distracting because Pepper keeps barking and jumping on the security door. I may have to go close the solid door just to keep down the noise. You see, Pepper doesn't know he's a little dog. He thinks he's this great big, tough, in-your-face dog and can run off any other dog that comes around, regardless of their size. He doesn't know they'd just squash him like a bug. He really thinks he could run off the biggest, baddest, meanest dog in the world. He's such a funny little dog. I think we have more fun with him than we've ever had with any of our dogs in the past. Not that we love him more (Rufus was probably our most loved dog) just that we have more fun with Pepper. He's a funny dog. He does funny things. He loves to play with his "babies." I get him a new plush, squeaky toy almost every month. (Only cost $2.97 at WalMart and the money is well spent.) Talk about your "shaken baby syndrome"; he runs all over the house with it in his mouth, shaking it until you think his head will come flying off. He's been known to kill the squeaker inside his baby within hours of getting a new one. But then, some babies will squeak for weeks. I think it all depends on where the squeaker is located in the toy. Sometimes he can get right at it and it doesn't last as long. Other times it takes him awhile. But he's so much fun to watch. And the funny thing is that when we come home from shopping, whenever we have bags and bags of stuff to bring in, he knows there's a new baby in one of them just waiting to be found and so he tries to look inside every bag. When we still had Sadie we'd hide a treat in two bags and then set the bags on the floor and let the two of them search until they found their treats. We spoil our animals something fierce! But why have them if you can't spoil them.

My Scripture for the day was Psalm 18:2-3 where it talks about God being our Rock and it kicked off a praise song in my head and heart. It's called Rock of Ages (not the old hymn by that name) and so easy to get stuck on so all day I'll probably be singing "rock of ages, Jesus you're the rock, there is not rock, there is no god like ours." I always think of old ads on TV for an insurance company that claimed to be as strong and sturdy as the Rock of Gibraltar (I know that's probably misspelled but I can't find it in the dictionary so you'll just have to know what I meant if it's wrong, not what I wrote). Well God, our God, is stronger than that rock! It's good to know that our Rock is someone we can cling to. A Person who will anchor us, safe and secure, no matter what is happening in our lives at any given moment. Let the storms in life come. Our Rock always has our best interests at heart.

We had a big water main break just up from our house on Saturday. What a mess! We keep our garage door open a few inches during the day to allow our outside cats free access to their food and water bowls, and Michael went out to get something out of the fridge in the garage and saw that our garage was flooded for a couple feet just inside the door. (Luckily we had everything up off the cement floor so nothing was damaged.) I closed the garage door right quick and that helped a lot. We walked out front to see where all the water was coming from and there was just a torrent of water gushing across our driveway. It was coming across hard and fast enough to push the drip pan (for the car) completely across to the other side. Of course that meant that our water had to be shut off for a couple hours while they repaired the line. It was inconvenient not having water but we managed just fine. We decided to just have sandwiches for dinner since being without water made it difficult to cook and clean up.

My oldest granddaughter came back from vacation last week and she came by on Saturday to visit for a little while. She brought me a Cat Welcome sign. It's so cute. I had to go out and put it by the door right away while she was still here. Of course now we'll probably get every stray cat in the neighborhood thinking they're welcome here! We already have one that's been hanging around for the past couple weeks. I call him Little Mario because he looks like Mario only he's smaller (don't I get creative with names? LOL). He's really skinny and he won't let me get close enough to find out if he's skinny because he's old or if it's because he isn't getting enough to eat.

I need to get this finished up and get on to the list of things I want to get done today. After not doing much of anything over the weekend, I've got plenty of things to do. I need to do everything from vacuuming to scouring the baths and stovetop. I've already got the bed made (that's one of my morning chores I have to have done before I can start on my blog) so I feel like I've already got a head start. I'd love to have someone come in and clean my house but then what would I do with myself all day?

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