Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another Picture

This is a picture taken from my deck with a zoom lens by my hubby, Michael P. Harvey 2009. (He insists that I give him photo credits). It is at the intersection on the other side of our vacant lot (you can see the grass of the vacant lot in the nearest foreground. That's a beautiful old barn that neither of us happened to notice until very, very recently. I don't know what that says about our powers of observation since we've lived here for over 5 years!

I can't believe I'm actually putting a photo in my blog!!! I have wanted to be able to do that ever since I started blogging a year and a half ago and finally found the one person who could help me and she did it in about 30 seconds!! I don't have the capacity in my computer to do pictures on my own. I have to have my hubby send it to me in an email and then I import it into my blog. I'm having a little trouble doing that though. I had given up and then somehow I got it to work. I have more pics to send so I'm going to be doing a few trial and errors runs through with my blog using photos so please be sure to go back far enough to get to see all the pictures. I think this is so really great!!! My daughter-in-law tried to show me how to do it about a year ago but her way was really complicated and I didn't write anything down. Then when I asked her the other day she said she had forgotten how to do it on my computer (for which I'm grateful because her way of doing it was really difficult) and suggested I talk to my youngest granddaughter. She came by today and I thought to ask her and Presto!!! I'm set. That is if I can remember how I got this far. She wrote everything down for me but blogger kept telling me I couldn't do something at one point. But then I chanced upon the solution and here it is. A blog with a picture!!!

Anyway I'm going to be playing around with this and figuring out how it works. I want to try to do more than one pic on a blog and checking to see that I can write between them, etc. etc. But please go back and see all the pictures.

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Anonymous said...

I love this photo too. We have a lot of old barns in our neck of the woods, and they sure catch my eye all year long with our changes in the seasons.