Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Bible Code

I finished reading the book (The Bible Code II - Countdown) and I still don't know a thing. If the tests are in fact genuine, if Rips is honest and not a fraud, then I accept the fact that the Bible Code exists. You couldn't just randomly get that many "matches" in the tables the way they do. But I still have no idea what God's purpose was for writing it. And it could only have been God who wrote it. Only God can know the future. I found it so hard to understand how the author of the book could believe in the Bible Code but continue to deny the existence of God. He wanted more easily to believe it came from some other galaxy in a spaceship guided by aliens.

So what did I learn? Nothing. I'm not one whit better off for having read the book. But I did enjoy reading it. I would have used my time much better by having read the Bible itself, for only the Bible has the answers to all our questions. Only the Bible can foretell events in the future and only the Bible can interpret those prophecies. But it was a little trip down fantasy lane and kept my mind occupied for a couple days.

I looked at Genesis 12 today and discovered the fact that Abraham was no sooner called and sent by God then he created the biggest lie of his life by having Sarah claim to be his sister. What kind of faith is that!!! It just goes to show how inclined we are to go our own way at whatever cost. To do things our way, regardless of what God has promised us. It doesn't matter what God says, we just can't quite trust Him all the way. There's just that little part of us that won't allow us to trust Him. There's always some little something that we won't left go of. There's that safety line we cling to. But you know the truly amazing thing is that God knew Abraham was going to prostitute his wife (and that's exactly what he did) and God called him anyway. God knew Abraham was going to give away his wife, and He called him in spite of himself. And God has done the same thing with us. He knew our every sin, and He called us anyway. He gave us the gift of salvation even though He knew we were going to try to earn it. God did everything necessary to call us to Himself, and we turn the other way instead. Sin should not lead us to despair because God knew we were going to sin again. We may have fooled ourselves but we didn't fool God. So what do we do when we sin? We repent. We say we're sorry and we go our way and sin no more. Until the next time. You think God didn't know you'd sin and repent and then go and sin again? He knows. He knows every little thing about us and He knows we're going to turn around and sin again. And yet when we stop and confess our sins, He is quick to forgive us even though He knows we're going to sin again. Don't get me wrong. This isn't a license to sin. It's salvation. God knows our hearts. We can't fool Him. He knows when we're truly repentant and He always meets us there with His never-ending salvation.

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