Friday, April 4, 2008

Bible Code

Oh, wow! Two posts in a single day! I must be crazy.

I read the book The Bible Code when it was first published 10 or more years ago and at that time became convinced that the code was really what was sealed up until the last days (forgive me I can't think of the exact wording right this very minute and I don't want to take the time to look it up right now) but I didn't know what to think of its purpose. Was it just something that tells us as further proof that the Bible is real? that God is real? Or were we to find and use the clues as advanced warning to change things before it's too late as the author believes? I don't believe that the findings are just random chance. The statistics prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was intelligence behind the code. That is was intentional not random. And only God could have come up with the code in the first place.

Yesterday, when we stopped by DollarTree they had a bin out front full of books for $1 each and right on top was the book The Bible Code II. Immediately I saw that their prediction that 2006 would suffer a nuclear holocaust was in error. That didn't come true. But I still believe the code is real. It was just their predictions that weren't right; their interpretation of the code was in error. I am now half way through the book I bought yesterday and I am absolutely convinced that the Bible code is real. It's just that I ask the question: What are we to make of it? Somehow I have my doubts that it is to be used to predict the future. I believe that eventually it will unlock the mysteries of the universe in such a way that only an idiot would continue to disbelieve in God. (I know, I keep thinking of the author who says he doesn't believe in God. But he believes the code is real. How could he possibly disbelieve?!!)

Does anyone else have ideas and opinions about the Bible Code? I'd like to hear your reasonings on the subject if you'd like to comment. As I said, I'm convinced it's real. I just haven't figured out what we're supposed to do with it. What is it's purpose except to prove God's existence? (Somebody had to have encoded the Bible. Someone who had a much, much bigger brain than the biggest and best computers we have today.) I think we will eventually find the key to the Code and we will know why the words were sealed for a time. Only God could have known when He wrote the Bible that there would be computers in the future to decode it. But the purpose escapes me. I need input. I'm going to go back to my book. Please comment with your thoughts.

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