Monday, September 17, 2007

Just Another Monday Morning

I'm sitting here trying to recall what I did over the weekend and can't really come up with anything. Can't remember what I did Saturday. Surely I did something. But I'm at a loss to tell you about it. I know what I did yesterday. I woke up to go to church but then ducked out and decided to go back to bed as I'd been dozing most of the way through the TV show In Touch with Charles Stanley. I usually watch him between 8:00 and 9:00. Anyway I went back to bed and slept until 12:15. Shame on me!! But it was the best, most restful sleep I've had in months and months. I felt incredible when I finally woke up. I feel bad that I missed church but feel I must have needed my sleep for me to have slept so long. After that I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening writing. I always write my blogs out in long hand and then type them into my computer. I know that's double work but it works better for me that way. So, anyway, I got a week's worth of blogs written. One blog is really long so I'll probably break it into two and use it over a couple days.

Our weather has been beautiful and it feels so good to not need the cooler. With my hearing problem, the cooler just adds a roar to the roar I already have in my ears. That roaring is enough to drive a sane person absolutely mad. It's one of the biggest reasons why I dislike football and now even NASCAR racing. I've gotten to where I like to watch foot ball games on TV with Michael but I sure wish they'd cut down on the crowd noise that they pipe into the broadcast booth. You can tell the announcers are yelling to be heard over the noise and that noise drives me bananas. I have always loved racing but the last year or so the car noise drives me up the walls. I don't know why the sound technicians insist on adding all that noise. It's like watching Cops on Court TV. You're up in the helicopter following along with a high speed pursuit and the announcer is almost yelling over the sound of sirens and you know good and well they can't hear the sirens up there in the helicopter. It's all piped in and fed together by the sound technicians. Guess they do it to make it more "real." Pretty sad with you have to fake something to make it seem real, huh? It's like Las Vegas. I always feel like laughing when I'm in Las Vegas because everything is just so fake. Fake Statue of Liberty, fake piramid, etc., etc. Goodness, how did I go from weather to sirens in helicopters to Vegas? LOL Talk about scattered!

I'll try again on the weather. It's been perfect Fall weather for us for about the last week and we are loving it! Hot but not too hot during the day, and nice and cool at night for sleeping. Definitely feels like Fall. Some of the trees are beginning to turn and it won't be long before it will look like Fall too. I hope it stays this way for a good, long time. I dread going into winter for the fact that it always seems to last too long. But I got soooooo tired of the summer heat. Ideally we should have long springs, short summers, long Falls, and short winters. That would balance things out nicely, don't you think?

Michael is getting excited for his trip later this week. Looking forward to seeing old navy buddies at his reunion over the weekend. We spent most of Saturday getting his clothing washed and rounding up the things he wants to take with him. He's planning on going casually and I'm hoping he's not the only one there in levis. (At least they're new levis.) He said he talked to someone who went to the last reunion and they told him it was casual attire. Sure hope so or he's going to be the odd man out.

I have a lot of things I should be doing right now so I'm not too sure how long this blog is going to be. I have a meeting at 2:00 today and then another meeting tomorrow night at 7:00. Then on Friday I volunteered to help with the Lock-In at church from 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM. And on top of all that, Michael's kids will be here Wednesday and I have an 11:00 hair cut scheduled for Thursday. [An early warning: I may not blog on Thursday. If I do it will be late.] John being allergic to cats means I have to get the house vacuumed really well before Wednesday, not that it needs it, you know. LOL. Right now I need to be washing and styling my hair instead of blogging but, as you can see, I'm not. I'm going to skip my devotional for today and just chat and when I've run out of things to talk about, I'll say goodbye.

Skatemama has a couple new posts on her blog, if you haven't checked her out yet. I read her blog everyday. It's always so interesting. She and her little family is always up to something. I don't know where she gets all her energy!

Well, Ken is supposed to be making a dump run today with his pickup and he said he would swing by and pick up our items that are too large for our trash cans. We changed dining room chairs a while back and we want to get the old ones out of our garage so we'll have more room to walk through there. He said he'd be here before noon and it's almost noon now. I hope he hasn't forgotten about us. We got lucky and got some free furniture a few months ago and got four new chairs for the table. The old ones were so stained and cat damaged. They looked really bad. The ones we got are just wooden, spindled-back chairs but they actually look better than the upholstered chairs the table originally came with. We also got a free bedroom set so we make out like bandits. The furniture came from a hotel that was redecorating and didn't look used at all. Now if I could just get my hands on some free livingroom furniture!! Not that we need it or anything. LOL. If you could see my furniture you'd understand where I'm coming from.

We grilled burgers and hot dogs last night for dinner. Well, actually the burgers were for our dinner. The hot dogs are for me while Michael's away. Grilled hot dogs taste so much better than steamed ones! But I have to brag about Michael's burgers. They were absolutely delicious! He had them seasoned and cooked perfectly. They were so good I actually ate two burgers. That's a first for me. I haven't a clue about what we're going to eat tonight. Guess I should see what we can eat so if I need to take it out of the freezer I'll still have time to thaw it out. Does everyone get as tired of making dining choices as I do? I'm to the point now to where I just hate doing that.

Okay, I think that's going to be it for today. I'm out of things to write about and feel like I'm just boring my readers anyway. My life is so interesting! LOL!!!

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