Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another Quick Look at John 9

The blind man of John 9 was willing, maybe even eager to answer questions about his healing, no matter who asked them. He was thrilled to tell anyone willing to listen. But take note that the responses to his testimony varied greatly.

Most people suspected that it was some kind of trick, that he wasn't really the same man who had sat and begged all his adult life. These people demanded to know how he came to see. The man answered their questions by simply explaining what had happened to him. He didn't "talk it up" or embellish it in any way. He didn't dramatize things. He simply told the truth. That he had been blind and a man named Jesus gave him some instructions and when he obeyed Jesus' simple commands his sight was given to him.

Though these people couldn't deny what appeared to have happened, they nevertheless had difficulty believing the man's account of things because they couldn't understand it. The world still does the same thing ... what they can't explain, they try to deny.

Then the Pharisees came along and also questioned how he had been given sight. Again the man stated his testimony quite simply and quite honestly. I was blind but "[Jesus] applied clay to my eyes, and I washed, and [now] I see." (Jn 9:15) These leaders refused to believe him because they didn't want to accept the One responsible for the healing. When they questioned the man a second time, he simply repeated his testimony. Again they rejected his words, because they refused to change their beliefs. They refused to believe the man's account and when we give our testimony of how Jesus has changed our lives, people may not believe us either. But we will have done our part. We are called simply to tell our own personal stories and what the listeners do in response is not our concern.

Just a short blog today as I want to get started on the house. Yesterday I cleaned for 8 straight hours stopping only for about 10 minutes while I went to the Post Office and back and what a difference!!! My house hasn't looked this good in years. I'm so proud of myself. But I have a few more chores to do to get it completely clean before the kids get up here this evening. It was like waking up in a strange house this morning when I got out of bed. All the clutter has been put away and everything, I mean EVERYTHING has been vacuumed. Yea! Michael and the kids will take off tomorrow morning for Oregon and Michael's navy reunion. He's so excited, he's like a little kid getting ready to go to Disney World.

BE sure to check out Skatemama today. She's got a great picture of Freddie and his guitar.

Our weather has turned down right nippy in the mornings. I'm sitting here in my boxers, freezing. But I wanted to get to my blog and didn't want to take the time to get dressed before hand. But with our weather the way it is, you almost have to get dressed in warm clothes and then midway in the day, stop and put on cool clothes. I just love it!

I may not blog tomorrow what with Michael getting off and my hair appointment. If I do get around to it, it will most likely be in the afternoon before I can squeeze it in. These last two blogs I've published are a couple that I started on quite a ways back and just now tried to finish them up. That's partly why they are so short. I haven't given them the attention they deserve or expanded them the way I usually do. My next few blogs will be better (I hope). But these last two short ones have allowed me extra free time to devote to household chores. I'm going to let this be it for today and get busy. I got so much done yesterday. Washing, ironing, vacuuming, dusting, polishing, mopping, scouring ... all in one day, too!!!

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