Saturday, February 9, 2008

Only Nine More Days ...

...until it's time to blog again. Hang in there. I will be back on the 18th, but for now I am enjoying some time off. We have a valentine's dinner to go to tonight and we're both looking forward to it. I can't remember what's on the menu; some type of chicken I think with cheesecake for dessert. This will be an excellent way for Michael to get to meet more people from the church. He really does need to go more often. (I'm working on it!)

Tomorrow's church and then Monday is small group again. Boy that comes around and around so quickly. I don't know what made me think I could teach Second Peter. What a rude awakening it has proven to be for me. Next time I will look at the texts a little closer. I have been in the word every single day now and it seems that every day something new comes into my head so maybe all time's not lost. I think I have done about all I can do with the first half of chapter 2 and this will be the halfway point in our study. I planned it for a 6-week event and so far that's the way it is working out. I may end up finishing a week early if I can't come up with anything in Chapter 3 to work with but I'm planning on three more lessons after Monday. You could say a little prayer for me, if you want. It would be appreciated.

Anyway, I just thought I'd stop and drop a short note to let you know I will be back and it should be on the 18th, well no, now that I think of it, the 18th is a Monday and I won't be blogging on Mondays until we finish up with 2 Peter. So I will return on the 19th!! Until then ...

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Anonymous said...

It's good to see a post. I look forward to when you start blogging again regularly!