Monday, December 3, 2007

Back to Borrowing

Okay, that's it! My writing career was short and sweet and waaaaay too much work. I'm going back to borrowing from other writers. I just can't come up with something new everyday. I don't have the energy. I don't have what it takes. And it takes time. Lots and lots of time. Time I should be spending on my housework and my hubby, not to even mention my laundry. Time better spent reading Scripture and communing with the Lord. Everything I write, I write for God's glory. It doesn't matter for any other reason. I stayed true to my commitment on a few blogs but then I just flat out ran out of things to write about so I started borrowing again. It saved so much time. It seems that it takes me forever to think things up on my own. And I just don't have forever to spend on my blog. My own blogs were taking me hours to write and I just don't have that kind of time or energy anymore. I hope you will keep reading, as I feel the information I put out glorifies our Lord and Savior but I'll understand if you decide you don't want to read "warmed-over" devotionals. I try to pick ones I like and then from that I rewrite to my liking. I edit them, I change them, I add to them, and I subtract from them and turn out something of my own borrowed from other people, if that makes sense to you. What I do is take something someone else wrote, read it, then in long hand I write it all out in my own words. But I know that sometimes I'm borrowing from the original writer I just have no way of telling where I've borrowed and where I haven't. I've never tried to keep it a secret. I've always said I was "borrowing." But then I promised to write my own and I did for awhile. Until I just flat out ran out of time. Some of my devotionals have been originals that I wrote from start to finish, it's just that I can't do that day after day after day. I exhausted my Topical list and ran out of ideas. So anyway, as I've said before ... I borrow. It's just that periodically I feel I have to put in a disclaimer so people won't think my devotionals are all originals. As I said, some of them are but most of them aren't. I don't want people to think I'm this colossal writer when I'm really more like a reviser. I take something someone else wrote and twist it around, change it, adapt it, rewrite it into my own blog. I've tried to think of a way to tell you when it's original and when it's borrowed but the two are entirely too interwoven. It just takes me too long to write from scratch. Thinking is hard work! So I've gone back to borrowing. It's so much easier and it is still a worthwhile pursuit because it's all for God's glory anyway. I'm not getting anything out of it other than the satisfaction I get from churning out something that may not be original but it glorifies the Lord anyway. It doesn't matter how He's gloried. It only matters that He is. So as I said, I borrow! I don't have the time to spend on my blog so I'm just laying it all out here for you. I think my blog is still worth reading (that's why I continue to write it, rather than giving up on the entire thing like I was going to do sometime last week, or was it week before). Writing originals just takes more time than I have to devote to this project. I figure if you like reading my blog, it won't make any difference to you whether I borrow or not. I just wanted to make sure that everyone understood that, while a lot of what I write is original. I do borrow from other writers and at times I borrow heavily. I just don't want my readers to think I'm this terrific writer when I'm not. I always refer to them as things I write because I put so much into them but they are not 100 percent my own work. Okay now that I've got that straightened out I can go back to blogging tomorrow. But don't ask me whether something was original or borrowed because they get so twisted around sometimes that even I don't know which is which.

We did our shopping today so I didn't have time to blog. Just this quick disclaimer. I just got to worrying that people expected me to continue writing them from start to finish and I can't do that anymore. And I felt I had to write and tell my readers that I was going back to borrowing. I just couldn't keep up with the pace to produce originals.

See your tomorrow ...

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