Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mikey's Home!

Yes, Mikey's home on leave and how wonderful it is to see him again! A lot of things have been going on but none of them worth writing about for the most part. He got home last Saturday evening looking ever so spiffy in his dress blues. We had a party at the lake for him yesterday and was that ever fun! Of course boys being boys got him an eyeful of mud that required a little medical attention but other than that everything went smoothly. We stayed until after 4:00 which made for a long day for us but it was just so good to see Michael again. What a great kid he is. He'll be home for the better part of a month and then it will be off to Alaska for him. I've got my fingers crossed really tightly that he will like Elmendorf. He should. Everything I've read about the base and the area has been highly recommended. He enjoys snowboarding and that's the perfect place to snowboard. I think just going to a new place has him a bit worried. But I think he'll find out that he likes it up there and yet he'll be able to catch a flight down to Sacramento fairly often. That's what I'm hoping for anyway.

My blog create page is still in Aramaic (or whatever it is) so I had to set up in the blind for this post. And I was about to give up on getting to the correct page when I happened to (almost by accident) find the create page. I had tried several times to open it that way and it had refused to let me in. But I think I was entering my addy as a dot com rather than a dot net because it just opened after I changed to dot net. I'm so upset that everything for me is in a foreign language and I can't even see how to enter my blog site and must rely on my memory for that. Like my memory is dependable!!! I wish I could read enough to get it back to English. I had 5 comments on my last entry and I couldn't read any of them because of the language problem.

I helped my son and his wife move back up to the foothills. He liked being closer to work but neither of them liked being so far away from family and friends. They lived in Cameron Park for a year and that was a year too long as far as I'm concerned. This is much nicer having them so close. It's a nice duplex that they rented in Jackson. I spent all day Sat. babysitting their sick dog while they drove in to SFO to pick up Mikey. They hit traffic like they'd never seen before but they got back before it was completely dark and I had daylight to drive back home for at least part of the way. Then Mon I met them at their new house and we all unloaded the h-u-g-e U-Haul truck. Lots of work but it's nice getting them up here again. I plan to go back over on Fri to help Tam unpack a few boxes. I'm just happy to have them so close now.

I finished another scarf. In fact I've knitted several in the past week or two. I'm also about mid way on GD#2's Christmas present. I hope to finish it before the weekend. I've ordered really nice yarn for a pair of legwarmers for me and some nice soft cotton yarn for a shopping bag I'm going to try to knit as soon as I can squeeze it in. I started a new baby afghan but I don't care for the pattern. It's one of those that has a stitch that looks like an error. I figure I make enough mistakes on my own. I don't need to be intentionally entering them! I also have yarn for a pair of slippers so I've got several projects in the making. I will rip out the afghan and start another one in it's place. It would be nice if I could find a new pattern with the exact number of stitches but that's sort of asking a lot. I like to have several projects going at the same time. That way if I get bored with one I can just switch to another one and eventually finish them all up.

I purchased more fabric Monday so I have things to sew too. I'm going to finish up my DIL's gift and then start on another apron. (I have fabric for 4 new ones I think.) And that should give me enough aprons to go around come Christmas. I love being able to sew when I'm resting my fingers from knitting. And I'm hoping to make everybody something picked out just for them in mind. I wanted to make different style aprons but patterns are expensive these days so I decided to make them all the same, save for the choice of fabric. I found some really nice heavy weight material at WalMart that I sooooo wish I'd seen before. I like my aprons to be a bit heavier-duty than the regular cotton fabric and of course I didn't see this material when I was buying all the other apron material. But they had it stuck in the end of an aisle 2 aisles away from the rest of the fabrics.

I know this is very short but I just have enough time to get ready for my hair appt. I'm glad I thought to call on check on the time because she wrote my appt down for 11:00 but gave me her card with 12:00 written on it. I called because I almost always go in at 11:00 and not 12:00. So I best get on the stick and get ready to go. I also have errands to run and chores to do so I'm keeping this really short for today. I will do my best to enter when I have more time and can write a decent blog but I wanted to enter quickly that Mikey is home! See you all soon...