Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The First Wednesday in January 2008

I have just made an executive decision. I will not be writing my blog until the 7th. My company just left this morning and I have to have a chance to decompress. I also have to get my house all back in order and have all my Christmas decorations to take down, my Christmas Card list to make for next year, Michael has a dental appointment, we have our monthly shopping trip to make, and a weekend falls somewhere in there between now and Monday the 7th. So I just decided not to do anything until then. That way I can be up and running for a full week without having breaks in my routine. Just so many little things needing to be done and no energy for doing them. I wish energy input was at least somewhat equal to energy output but it never is. But, hey, I did get my bed made this morning before going out and running all my errands to the bank, Post Office, and $20 worth of gas (which took like 14 seconds!) for the trip across the river tomorrow. What a drag. But at least I didn't have to go to the grocery store while I was out. Usually there's always something I need to pick up at the store. Well I need to get into my kitchen and get it squared away. See the problem is when Michael's kids all come up I lose total control of my house. They take over the kitchen, the multiple TVs, and the computers, and the furniture. I lose control of everything. And I think losing control of the kitchen is the hardest thing for me to tolerate. John's a great cook but he's not exactly what one would call an "organized" or "neat" cook. My kitchen is in shambles. The dishes are all clean but the counters are a mess. Lots of odds and ends on the countertops and table. So I think I'll get started in there and see what I can do about straightening it back to normal. The livingroom and bath will take awhile. Sigh! I'll be back Monday the 7th. Until then ...

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